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 Powerful Magnificent and Majestic 

I am a Christian Naturopath. This may come as a surprise to some people. I've been told by patients and other health care colleagues that "naturopathic medicine is new age." This statement cannot be farther from the truth. Our medicine had its origins in Europe, where some of our profession's early practitioners where actually part of the clergy!

For those of you wanting to work with a naturopathic doctor, but concerned about certain spiritual practices, know that I do not involve myself or my patients in any new age rituals or beliefs. My work is grounded in current medical science, European nature cure, modern laboratory diagnostics, sound naturopathic principles, prayer, and experience.

I do not judge my patients based on their own beliefs or their lifestyle choices.

My goals in working with patients has nothing to do with changing other's personal or spiritual beliefs. My goal is to assist anyone who chooses to work with me to find the healing you are looking for in your life. I am here to assist you on your healing path with an open arms and an open heart.

I invite you to take that leap of Faith.....and allow yourself to trust in this process for you. My goal is to renew your hope, restore your health, and reclaim your life!